28 March 2012

Miami Sun

Miami Sun
Miami Sun by missmoni 

Have you ever dreamt of wearing latest high-street fashion designer clothes without spending more than you usually spend at your local H&M store? You'd better read on then!

Now I'm going to post latest and HOTTEST offers from your favourite brands weekly so that you could spend your time (all the items are available online) and money more efficiently! 

So, here it is - the first set of most fashionable yet totally affordable goodies (featured in the picture above):

Valentino Roma Wover sateen Jacket - €242.43 (original price €969.72)
Old Navy Women's Bird-Print Charmeuse Blouse - $28.99 (original price $36.94)
H&M Yellow Trousers - £14.99
Motel Hold Me Belt - €18.46 (original price €26.37)
Pilgrim Daisy Hoop Earrings - €15.82 (original price €24.39)
Fiona Paxton Sequin Collar Necklace - €129.21 (original price €243.92)
LODIS Lindsay Small Crossbody Purse - £29.33 (original price £98.65)
Loeffler Randall Enid Wedge Sandal - $97.50 (original price $325.00)

Keep your eyes on Mint Green blog for more news and style advices!

-Mint Green

p.s. All prices above are in original currency
p.p.s. Here's something not to miss out! For the latest ASOS offer click here

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